Monthly Themes - Opinions

Monthly Themes - Opinions

This is a very short blog where I would like to let everyone know how I would like to approach my blogging on this website.  The discussion of things related to plush toys, be it stuffed animals specifically or not, may not appeal to everyone.  However, I would like to find out what everyone who visits, and more importantly is interested in plush toys, would like to talk about.

Thus, I felt it best if for each month we agree to discuss relevant topics all related to a certain theme.  For example, September we could talk about Expectant Mothers, then each week the blogs can focus on various gift ideas or activities with expectant mothers that does relate to plush toys.  Another example could be as we get to Christmas time, say, November, we theme it around Gift Shopping.  In this case we talk about gifts for say Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any birthdays or special occasions that also fall during holiday season.  There are so many ideas, but I think it would be cool to discuss what you all think would be ideas and I would be more than happy to share them with everyone else and start a nice open dialogue.  Let me know!!


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